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Couple's Sessions

Want to Book a Couple's session but have a few burning questions? Here's a quick list of some Frequently asked questions that hopefully answer the questions you currently have.


Do you choose the location or do we?

I've got a lot of great locations in my arsenal but if you have a location already in mind let's discuss. It all comes down to lighting and the main subject, that's you!


Do you help with outfit coordination?

Absolutely, I do! It's important to pick pieces that make you feel like you, and I love helping families look their best!


Can I bring my dog!

Heck yes! Dogs are family too!


How much do you edit?

I tend to keep my images true to color and I always go above and beyond when editing details. Have a pimple you want removed or a scar you don't like, I've got you! So if there's something you're worried about let's discuss and I'll see what I can do.


How do you deliver photos?

Edited images are sent over via an online gallery for digital download.


Will you pose us?

YES! I often hear "we are so awkward in front of the camera!", but guess what? Everyone is! My goal is to put you into poses to get you started and then give you prompts along the way so you easily fall into a comfortable place with eachother and then the poses happen naturally. Don't worry, I've got you and I promise and nothing about your photos will be awkward!


What is your turnaround time?

My contract states that I have 30 days to deliver images, however I often give my clients a time frame of 2 weeks.


Still have some questions, click on the Book Here link  to shoot me a message about your last minute questions!

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